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Welcome to simpleMVC repository

What is simpleMVC

SimpleMVC is a simple “framework” based on the MVC pattern in PHP.

You certainly wonder why another “framework” ?
the answer is pretty simple : i’ve test many of them such as the Zend Framework or symphony but i found them really overweight and complicated for the job i need to be done.

Don’t misenderstood me I won’t say that simpleMVC is better than other “framework” based on MVC pattern but it’s simply the one i want to work with. So i won’t encourage you to use it more than any other, it’s your choice to use this one or any other in the market. But at a personnal opinion if i had to switch to a more important framework i’ll certainly use symphony because it’s real great job.

So i try to keep what i found interesting in thoose and only this but not all the stuff i don’t need. So don’t expect simpleMVC to be the more complete “framework” out there or the most anything at all. It’s only need is to be simple. That mean simple to learn, simple to modify or extend and for sure simple to work with.


  • quick learning curve
  • easy to modify
  • totally open source
  • relatively lightweight ( compared to others solutions out there )
  • support configurable layout to render pages ( you can even write your own view render engine )
  • use class-db for data management ( this may not be a good argue for you but it’s definitely one for me )
  • support for url Rewriting

State of the project

This project is used as my day job with class-db. It’s clearly a work in progress project, but i use it on productions sites.

M for models

At the begining that was the less developped part and the model part was only delagated to class-db . But since the begining i’ve made some advance regarding ORM and start a new project abstracModel that rely on class-db .

I’ve decided to let the ORM part as an external project of simpleMVC as ORM is a big part on it’s own. Regardless of that abstracModel is the official ORM supported by simpleMVC

V for views

The view part is perfectly usable at this moment and may look to what you can found in many other framework over there.

  • It’s support layout and not only a one page template as some other ( that’s was really important to me ).
  • viewHelpers are also supported and can be called directly in your views ( yes it seems obvious:) )

C for controllers

The controller part is usable too and is really simple ( at least i use to think so ). There’s no real front controller (or dispatch controller) here, only what other will call a bootStrap that make the job of the front controller so you can really easily modify it. actionControllers are subclass of abstractController where all the “magic” happen but i think it’s time to read the doc to understand.


Code is documented so a good thing to do is to read the comment in it as it will always be more accurate than this doc that i only maintain at my spare time. (if you want to participate to the effort you’re welcome)